Cucina Tipica Italiana

I love it when I discover new little places with a whole lot of heart. There’s no question that’s the case at Amici Miei Cucina Italiana in Vancouver’s West End.

Owners Manrico Serpente  and Marcella Gentile told me they came to Vancouver last year for the very first time, from Abruzzo, Italy.  It’s not easy to make such a move in mid-life. They’re truly  delightful people and I wish them every success.

Amici itself is nothing fancy: the room is simply but cleanly furnished—and that very much reflects what’s on the menu. The fare is straightforward but the sauces are delicious. Amici’s Miei’s menu is divided into small tapas plates (which seem more generous than most) and pasta dishes listed by sauce style—as in red white and rosé. Most of the pasta is made in house fresh daily. Purchased pasta (more elaborate, Rigatoni and Fusili) is clearly marked on the menu.

This is ‘old style’ Italian, un-compromised by fickle trend or fad. There’s nothing on the list over $20. And if you hurry down before month-end you can dine for even less, thanks to some pretty generous introductory discounts.

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